Liquitherm Technologies Group

Combines several specialist brands within a single corporate entity, the common themes of which are; efficient fluid thermodynamics, corrosion prevention and reduced environmental impact. Established in 1998 by two engineers, Liquitherm now employs a team of graduate engineers, chemists and analysts with experience in all aspects of mechanical design and system components, which interface with a wide range of heat transfer fluids.

To complement our broad range of thermal fluids, capable of operating between -70°C to +430°C each Liquitherm division provides a variety of before and after-sales support services. A Fluid Maintenance Service (FMS) is common to all brands, which helps to ensure the long-term efficiency of fluid based cooling and heating systems.

To build market share, Liquitherm operates an extensive and ongoing Research & Development program. Many R&D projects are run on a collaborative basis to develop bespoke thermal fluid solutions for new cooling & heating systems, or to solve existing issues within existing products. Typical examples of which include;

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